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Shantae's Friends to the End DLC looks like a blast

December 05, 2017 1 min read

Sky, Bolo, and everyone's favorite Rottytops are stepping up for Friends to the End, the "final piece" of the Shantae: Half-Genie Herostoryline. On-the-fly character switching for the trio sounded fun when details for this DLC first came to light, and in practice, the whole concept looks fantastic.

Sky creates platforms, Bolo grapple-hooks, and Rotty straight up chucks her head. I also like the leveling system. Characters power up as they collect gems and drop back down when they're hurt.

Friends to the Endis set during the main Half-Genie Heroquest, so we're getting a mix of previously-unseen story bits along with "altered memories (revamped versions of existing levels)."

The DLC is finished but still awaiting approval from the various platform holders. WayForward anticipates launching "in time for the holidays" and if you're a backer, this will be a free download.

Friends to the End! [Kickstarter]

Shantae's Friends to the End DLC looks like a blast screenshot