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Sheeva is coming well-armed in Mortal Kombat: Aftermath

May 23, 2020 1 min read

NetherRealm Studios has gone full-Atlus with its marketing drive this week, dropping a slew of trailers for its upcoming Mortal Kombat 11 expansion Aftermath. This latest video takes a brief look at one of the DLC pack's new roster addition, klassic MK kombatant Sheeva.

Queen of the Shokan - the four-armed race that gave us original Mortal Kombat sub-boss Goro, Sheeva was introduced in Mortal Kombat 3 as the devoted bodyguard of Sindel, (though, more accurately, was there to prevent Kitana from reaching her mother and revealing the truth about the undead queen's heritage). Sheeva, to be fair, has not been treated like much of a star throughout her entire MK run, but her new appearance in Aftermath looks to rectify that, offering the fearsome warrior a turn in the spotlight as a legitimate series star. A moment of glory that has been too long coming.

[Edit: The trailer seems to be struggling right now, but you can also find it on Twitter]

Sheeva is coming well-armed in Mortal Kombat: Aftermath screenshot