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Should you get GoNNER on Switch? Take this quiz and find out

June 30, 2017 1 min read

What Binding of Isaac does for The Legend of Zelda, GoNNER comes pretty darn close to doing for Metroid. Like Metroid, it's largely about stumbling upon bizarre new creatures. Some can be peacefully avoided, others require hard and fast hunting, and all the while you'll feel intimidated and excited by the living, breathing alien world you're thrust into. After a few rounds, you'll learn that retreading old ground with new items and weapons allows you to go places and do things that would have seemed impossible at first, giving even more depth to the organic environments.

Unlike most roguelikes, GoNNER balances procedurally generated levels with a fair amount of consistently placed power-ups, all of which can be kept as a permanent part of your initial load-out options. Where many games in the genre don't quickly reward the player for persistence, GoNNER allows you to build both your skill and your ongoing inventory of tools at a fairly brisk pace. 

The downside to that is, it won't take your average player as long to see everything here as in comparable games like Isaac and Spelunky. Then again, it's only $10, and still offers the potential for tens of hours of action and discovery, so compared to something like Kamiko, it's definitely not a bad deal.

This is just one of the many pro versus con arguments worth weighing while deciding if GoNNER is right for you. If you still can't decide after reading our review, take the quiz below for some added insight. 

Should you get GoNNER on Switch? Take this quiz and find out screenshot