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Sift through the junk and you'll find killer custom stages in Smash Ultimate

April 18, 2019 2 min read

All eyes are on Super Smash Bros. Ultimatethis week now that the reinvigorating 3.0 update has gone live. Between Joker's grand debut, fantastic Personamusic, a suite of balance changes, and the Stage Builder, there's a lot for fans to pore over and a lot to love. Folks have wasted zero time sharing their custom creations with the world. First impressions might suggest otherwise, but it's not all junk.

Rather than round up The 22 Best Player-Made Smash UltimateStages That'll Change Your Grandma's Opinion on Gaming, I thought we'd just go ahead and highlight a single map (at least for today).

This stage created by Twitter user @ChunkySpaghetti rolled into our staff chat this morning and made us smile. It's a tribute to the original Super Smash Bros.intro on Nintendo 64 – specifically, the desk.

You can download and play on this retro-themed stage using the following code: BY4K8Y68.

For the sake of comparison (and, let's be honest, a gust of nostalgia), here's the full opening sequence. I distinctly remember thinking this intro was the coolest thing ever in 1999. It's still pretty cool today.

Never forget that these beloved Nintendo icons are meant to be lifelike toys fighting "imaginary battles," not their usual selves, so that means it's "okay for Mario to be hitting Pikachu." As former Nintendo president and CEO Satoru Iwata once told TIME, this was a "very serious debate" back in the day.

In recent years I've come to realize that I can't ever go back to playing the first Super Smash Bros, and not because it looks dated. I'm just wretched! Always was, always will be. Having bits and pieces of the N64 classic live on in the newer games, particularly Ultimate, is my best chance at happiness.

Sift through the junk and you'll find killer custom stages in Smash Ultimate screenshot