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SNES fan project finishes goal: collects all English Super Nintendo manuals in one place

July 05, 2022 2 min read

SNES manuals

90 Minutes European Prime Goal was the final piece of the puzzle

This incredible SNES manuals project is finally complete, having secured the last English SNES instruction book they needed. The project recently announced on Twitter that they had acquired a scan for the English manual for 90 Minutes European Prime Goal, which, while not a marquee SNES release, was the last manual!

As project purveyor Peebs points out, this started as a grassroots effort roughly two years ago to get that number up to 100% from the previous figure of 52%. For reference, that's over 800 manuals that are housed on the site, which you can access directly here. They're lived-in, too! You can even see the imperfections and wear and tear on some — in a good way.

Flipping through the project list (which I recommend doing at least once) showcases the raw scope of it. Remember this is every English manual, even ones that are from the NA/PAL regions, as well as manuals with errors or slight phrasing differences. And rather than resting on their laurels, the crew is pursuing Super Famicom (Japan) manual logging as we speak.

SNES manuals aren't the only thing on offer

Of note: the manual project also has Nintendo 64 manuals available, as well as all 22 Virtual Boy games covered. No lie, the latter comes in real handy whenever I bust out my Virtual Boy! There's some neat IPD (interpupillary distance) configuration type stuff in some of those booklets.

Interestingly, Nintendo still has its archive of NES and SNES manuals up to coincide with the release of the "Mini" console lines.


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