Solo's sequels depend on 'fan reaction,' and it's looking good

May 07, 2018 1 min read

If you had asked me two months ago what the fate of Solo: A Star Warsstory was I would have told you it had a good chance of crashing and burning. If you had asked me naught but two weeks ago about its fate, I might have been slightly more positive after I enjoyed the hell out of the full trailer for the film, but I still would have said it wasn't going to do as well as you'd think a Star Wars film should. But ask me that now, and I'll tell you I've got a lot more confidence in it.

The movie has been tracking really well according to the people who do that sort of thing ($170 million opening weekend predicted), and Fandango reported that its ticket pre-sales are more than double that of Black Panther, which were really good. SoloΒ is more on pace with Infinity War's pre-ticket sales. Now, that doesn't mean a lot for box office comparisons considering a lot of Black Panther's success came in its long shelf life, but it is striking for a movie so wrought with developmental dysfunction, and thus receiving such a short marketing push.

Solo's sequels depend on 'fan reaction,' and it's looking good screenshot