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Some games just weren't meant to cross over

August 06, 2018 1 min read

Fortnite is one of the hottest games on the market at the moment, and we're starting to reach the point where it's hitting peak pop culture. The below video from Master0fHyrule is perhaps the best example of this, as they've put Super Smash Bros. characters into a position of all busting a groove to the default dance animation from Fornite.

The creator says that this is a "custom animation" made for Super Smash Bros.Wii U, using the default model of Captain Falcon as a base. Some of the characters just didn't work out and are now pure nightmare fuel, like the "Little" Mac at roughly 6:45 in, as well as the fighters that don't normally have ridiculously long legs.

Skip to 7:15 if you want your dreams haunted.

Some games just weren't meant to cross over screenshot