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Sometimes, the enemy makes the game

September 30, 2017 2 min read

[There are not many feelings in this world, besides sex, that are as satisfying as besting an enemy that genuinely tests your skill. When you come out on top, you feel like a total badass. Not because it was easy but because it wasn’t. Mah dude, Dango, totally gets it. Rip and tear, fart and swear, lose and glare, but keep on trying because the challenge is there. The rewards are a weight lifted off your shoulders. You beat that chump, and you’ve earned that victory. For like, five whole seconds, you’re a total rock star. Then you realize that there are more of them. In fact, the whole level is filled with them… Mixed feelings of terror and lust lead to a crooked smile. This is going to be fun. – Kevin]

Soldiers. Zombies. Aliens. Worms with cheese hats. Little Medusa heads that fly up and down in an inconvenient pattern. Mushrooms with faces and feet who will continue walking in one direction until they touch a wall or walk off a cliff.

If you've been gaming for a while, chances are that you've been up against a lot of weird shit. Enemies are a significant part of several video game genres, and they come in every flavour from mundane to surreal. Lots of them have become iconic, a crucial part of a series' identity, because we can't help but love them (despite what we do to them, and what they do to us). Unlike the climactic boss fights, regular enemies are usually more comfortable to deal with because we fight several of them and quickly learn their behaviour. Some of them are pushovers, that only exist to allow us to feel powerful.

Sometimes, the enemy makes the game screenshot