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Sony completes the Olympic medal-flavored DualShock 4 trifecta

November 01, 2018 1 min read

With over 80 million units sold worldwide, I guess Sony isn't afraid of pushing a new hardware variant nearly every month. As revealed through Sony's Japanese PlayStation site, a new copper DualShock 4 and another 2TB PS4 Pro are in the pipeline. They'll arrive on November 21 in Japan, and the copper remote completes the silver and gold set that was previously released.

The 2TB PS4 Pro is kind of a bigger deal. 2TB models were hard to come by given that Sony only had them available as a limited edition type deal, but this new release will now become the standard PS4 Pro. In other words, November 21 will be the first time worldwide where getting a 2TB PS4 Pro is as easy as going to the store and picking it up.

Sometimes I forget I even have a Pro, but the small performance increase is worth it when it does kick in. I'd definitely spring for more space too as 1TB is just not enough.

PS4 Pro [PlayStation via Siliconera]

Sony completes the Olympic medal-flavored DualShock 4 trifecta screenshot