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Sony is bundling Gran Turismo Sport with PlayStation VR

November 02, 2017 1 min read

While there will almost certainly be more options for would-be PlayStation VR buyers later this month as we inch toward Black Friday, Sony has a new bundle that might speak to racing fans. It throws in a physical copy of last month's Gran Turismo Sportat no extra cost, so it's that, the headset, a PlayStation Camera, and "an updated version of the PS VR Demo Disc" for $400 USD and $500 CAD.

I'd half-forgotten that GT Sportsupports virtual reality until I saw this news. It's not across the board, though -- you'll be able to play one-on-one races in VR Drive mode in the Arcade.

It's also worth reminding that Sony is coming out with a PlayStation VR revision (model number CUH-ZVR2) that supports HDR pass-through with an updated Processor Unit, meaning you won't need to mess with any cords to see HDR content on your TV. This new model also has a thinner connection cable and shifts the headphone jack to a better, more integrated spot. If you end up going for this GT Sportbundle, you won't get these helpful tweaks -- it contains the original PSVR model.

Introducing the PlayStation VR Gran Turismo Sport Bundle [PlayStation Blog]

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