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Sony is making a Settlers of Catan movie

October 12, 2017 2 min read

You know who Sony Pictures is. You know the kind of movies it creates, the drivel that its marketing executives spout. Jack and JillPixels, Ghostbusters (2016), The Emoji Movie. This studio has generated some of the worst pieces of film I've ever seen. Now, it's looking to do it again.

According to a report by Variety, Sony Pictures is pursuing the rights for Catan, one of the most popular tabletop games ever created. Dan Lin, Gail Katz, and Jonathan Eirich will produce the film, while one Blaise Hemingway will write the screenplay. As of writing this, no director is attached to the project. 

"As huge fans of the game, we're struck by the endless possibilities of stories that it could inspire. It's not every day that you have the opportunity to work in a world beloved by millions of people, and expand its story for the screen," Katz told Variety. 

Uh-huh. Sure.

Now you might be wondering, who are these people? Well, Katz has a few production credits on films from over 20 years ago, like In the Line of Fire and Air Force One. She hasn't been a very active producer in film since the release of The Perfect Storm back in 2000, so she clearly wasn't chosen for her expertise.

Dan Lin on the other hand seems to have some credit to his name. Unlike Katz, Lin has produced several successes over the years, including It (2017), Sherlock Holmes, The Lego Movie, and The Invention of Lying. However, Lin has produced nearly as many bad movies as he has good, with credits for cinematic turds like Terminator: Salvation, Gangster Squad, and even Death Note (2017). Who knows how good of a producer he is?

The final producer, and the screenwriter, have a serious lack of experience. Eirich has a single producer credit for Death Note (2017), and Hemingway has scattered credits all over the spectrum, with his most notable being that of consulting producer for the Shootertelevision series and a writing credit for Ugly Dolls. 

So we have the worst studio in movies hiring a bunch of inexperienced, out-of-touch people to produce it, and according to the report, Sony wants to turn it into a franchise. Looks like we're going to have another cheaply made, poorly executed movie here folks. Honestly, I don't know if I can take another Emoji Movie.

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