Sony shares its strangest God of War glitches

October 23, 2018 1 min read

"This is a perfect example of the bizarre shit happening with the kid's face," recounts God of Wardirector Cory Barlog. "Look at that! That's some creepy like Fringeshit right there. That's like Hellraiser."

The clip comes from a Sony-sanctioned highlight reel of silly glitches that popped up mid-development. The final game was a tightly-framed adventure, but a lot of wonky stuff happened along the way.

(Note: Some late-game scenes and encounters are briefly shown. If you haven't played God of Waryet, just stick to the images below. Also, Sony has lowered the price to $39.99 USD and $49.99 CAD.)

As God of WarQA lead Curt Markwardt puts it, "early in the development cycle, we encouraged our team to save a screenshot or video of any funny bugs that they encountered, with the intention of [video editor] Tim Ward cutting together a 'blooper reel' to help pay homage to the painstaking, sometimes bizarre and laugh-out-loud funny process of shipping a seamless gaming experience."

I've taken the liberty of assembling my three favorite boys in the gallery below.

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Sony shares its strangest God of War glitches screenshot