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Sony's new PlayStation 404 page is cute

October 01, 2018 1 min read

Brands often poke fun at themselves to a fault or overly weaponize memes, but this one is too cute not to share.

For the longest time Sony had a Metal Gear Solid 404 page that simply read "Snaaaaaaaaaake, Sorry it looks like game over for the page you are looking for. Try using the navigation or search by keyword above." It's still there, but the platform holder also managed to pepper in an Uncharted one too with "Naaaaate," in the hot seat.

Thinking back to mascots, it was a much simpler time when Sony had Crash, Nintendo had Mario, and Microsoft had Master Chief, wasn't it? Now all three are prone to use any number of their decades-long properties to peddle their wares: hell, Microsoft even used cars once!

Sony has been hitting Microsoft hard with the shooter angle this generation, pushing Nathan Drake fairly often and wheeling and dealing with companies like Actvision for timed DLC exclusivity for Destiny and Call of Duty, among other publishers. They've slowly morphed from the irreverent "we're not a kids machine" Crash Bandicoot image into this, which has been fascinating to watch.

404 [PlayStation via Reddit]

Sony's new PlayStation 404 page is cute screenshot