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Sources say that Nintendo is not planning a 'Switch 2.0,' will get by on peripherals

March 01, 2018 1 min read

The battle of iterative console eras began a while back, but kind of kicked into overdrive with systems like the New 3DS, the Xbox One S, the Xbox One X, and the PS4 Pro. In the case of the former you have several games that can't even run on older hardware, further muddying the waters for casual consumers.

But according to sources at the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo won't be doing that for the Switch. Evidently at "Switch 2.0" is not in the cards (though it of course could be eventually). Instead, they're going to pivot to peripherals: "The people familiar said expanded Switch features in the coming year could also include additional network-related features and peripherals to be attached to its USB Type-C port. At an investor briefing in February, Mr. Kimishima, the Nintendo CEO, said he wanted to make the Switch’s product cycle longer than the five-to-six-year span that’s become customary in the videogame console industry. One person familiar with development plans said waiting longer to introduce variations in the hardware would serve that purpose."

So there could be a Switch 2.0, it's just not in the works. "Waiting longer" is relative as hell, as the current console lifecycle could get even shorter if Sony releases the PS5 anytime soon or yet another beefier PS4. The industry is in flux right now with loot box legislation, a push for VR, and an increased reliance on the digital medium, but Nintendo seems to be weathering a lot of those storms.

Nintendo Holds Off on Switch 2.0, Looks to Peripherals for More Sales [WSJ]

Sources say that Nintendo is not planning a 'Switch 2.0,' will get by on peripherals screenshot