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Square Enix dives further into how combat works in Final Fantasy VII Remake

March 05, 2020 1 min read

The Final Fantasy VII Remake demo is out, and if you're at all interested in the game, you might want to play it. In the demo, we got a clear breakdown of the dichotomy between the melee-based Cloud and the ranged expert Barret. But Square Enix also took to their official blog to give us a bit more info on the party members that populate the Final Fantasy VII Remake (Part One).

For starters, Red XIII is considered a "guest character" in part one (the thing launching in April), and will likely join the party full-time in the next chapter. We already know that Tifa and Aerith [Aeris] are joining Cloud and Barret, but thanks to the blog, we know a little more about them.

Tifa is described as a glass cannon of sorts, dishing out tons of damage while opening herself up for punishment. Aerith of course is still magic-based, but she'll be donning an MP-leech ability or a multi-cast Holy Circle buff: which the blog describes as a good strategy to use against Abzu. You can find the full character breakdowns below.

The blog also does a good job explaining what we've gone over in our hands-on, detailing how the ATB gauge works with the real-time combat feel. Based on the first boss, it seems like knowing weaknesses and exploiting them is absolutely key, which should be easy to do with the Assess Materia that you'll pick up before the Abzu sewers fight. Just a few more weeks and we can test it all out ourselves!

A closer look at combat [Square Enix]

Square Enix dives further into how combat works in Final Fantasy VII Remake screenshot