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Star Control: Origins quietly reappears on Steam

January 20, 2019 1 min read

Just before the turn to 2019, Star Control: Origins was removed from Steam and GOG due to a DMCA takedown notice from two of the creators behind the original series. Publisher of Origins, Stardock, took to the Steam community forums to to let fans know that it would be working hard to get Origins back up on digital marketplaces as soon as possible. Now, out of the blue, the title has returned to the Steam storefront for purchase.

Brad Wardell, one of the software developers over at Stardock, shared the news on Twitter a few days ago. As he stated in a response to a fan, he can't publicly speak about why the game has now returned to the Steam storefront. It isn't currently available on GOG, but you can still grab a bunch of DLC by searching the GOG homepage. It will likely return in a few days.

Star Control: Origins quietly reappears on Steam screenshot