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Stars added to WWE2K18 include Ember Moon, Nakamura and the Von Erichs

August 25, 2017 1 min read

Did I ever tell you I used to be a pro-wrestler?.. Oh.. Well, did I tell you lately?.. Oh..

Well, anyway, I know of 37 pro-wrestlers that made it much further than I did, and every one of them has been revealed as part of the roster of the upcoming WWE2K18, scheduled for release in October.

Newcomers to the series include Shinsuke Nakamura, Bobby ROOOO and Mojo Rawley, while obvious veterans like Randy Orton, Triple H and The Rock are all present and correct. This year's line-up of old-school superstars includes Von Erich's Kerry and Kevin, Earthquake, and Larry Zbysko, who I'm hoping walks around the outside of the ring stalling for the first ten minutes of every match.

This is the second of four batches of roster reveals planned for the game. The full list thus far can be found right here.

I've not been a fan of WWE games for at least a decade now, I find them excitement-free and incredibly stale. The whole process needs a re-design from the ground up, from engine to controls, options to mechanics. But that's about as likely to happen as me ever stepping back in the ring again.

For those who still enjoy the glitz and glamour of the WWE's line of games, WWE2K18 will be available on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch October 17.

WWE2K18 Roster update [WWE2K]

Stars added to WWE2K18 include Ember Moon, Nakamura and the Von Erichs screenshot