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Still curious about Prey? Play the first hour now

April 27, 2017 2 min read

Look at that headline up there, being all coy about your feelings on Prey. Like it doesn't know that most everyone who has followed its development isn't curious about it to some degree. There are two realistic camps right now: People who are wondering what the hell Preyis and if it'll be good, and those who wrote it off a long time ago. Prey is too much of an unknown quantity for anyone to be fully sold on it.

It's a tricky spot for Bethesda to be in because it means that plenty of folks will be interested in figuring out what Prey's all about, but they may not be blind-sixty-dollar-investment interested. They'll wait for reviews and they'll wait for general consensus and they'll wait for sales. A lot of them will wait long enough until they forget about it entirely. That's where today's development comes in.

As we reported last week, Prey is getting a demo of sorts. It's the first hour of the game and it released today. Here is the link to queue it up on PlayStation 4; the Xbox One link isn't working right now, so your best bet is to probably download it from the console or the Xbox app on Windows 10. (Oddly, the PC version will not be getting a demo.)

This feels like the right opportunity to remind you that it's incredibly likely our Prey review won't be particularly timely. Last fall, Bethesda enacted a new policy to not send copies to media until launch day. It doesn't seem like that'll change for Prey. Expect us to have initial impressions of the first few hours posted on May 5; our full, scored review will come sometime in the days to follow.

Still curious about Prey? Play the first hour now screenshot