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Strategy shooter Void Bastards looks out of this world

November 10, 2018 1 min read

Announced at Microsoft's X018 event, the upcoming sci-fi strategy shooter Void Bastardslooks like a graphic novel brought to life. It's love at first sight, and if it plays as well as it looks, it'll be a treat.

The game is a balancing act of scavenging for supplies and crafting materials while trying not to press your luck too much. What good are well-laid plans if you bite the bullet early on? Playing as an "endless supply of prisoners," you'll bounce between spaceships, scouring floorplans each step of the way.

The main campaign is said to run in the 12- to 15-hour neighborhood.

This is in production at Blue Manchu, a studio led by Irrational Games co-founder Jonathan Chey, so there's some System Shock 2and BioShock lineage. You might not recognize the team's name, but if you're into PC gaming, you may know its last release: a tabletop RPG called Card Hunter.

Void Bastardswill launch for PC and Xbox One in "early 2019" via publisher Humble Bundle.

Strategy shooter Void Bastards looks out of this world screenshot