Street Fighter V 'netcode adjustment' patch breaks fan-made lag fix

February 19, 2020 1 min read

Street Fighter V fans were on tenterhooks this week with the sudden news that a "netcode adjustment" was headed to their favourite fighting game, assuming that some of the lag problems plaguing Capcom's fighter were finally about to be put down for the count.

But now the patch is live, it is being reported that the main priority of said adjustment was simply to break a fan-made fix to the problem. The PC mod, created by Reddit user Altimor, worked by attempting to closer sync packet speeds between opponents, thus preventing the "teleporting" problem that SFV has been facing online. While many celebrated the success of the mod, including notable FGC names, others were concerned it might give PC players an unfair advantage during cross-play with PS4 players.

So when Street Fighter Producer Yoshinori Ono announced last week that the "netcode adjustment" was incoming, fans naturally - or perhaps optimistically - assumed that Altimor's mod had forced Capcom's hand, pushing the developer to take action and fix the online woes itself.

It appears, however, that all the official patch did was lock out players who have Altimor's mod installed, (though it should be noted no-one is being banned, SFV just simply won't launch until the mod is removed). A vague message by Ono fails to state with any specificity whether Capcom has actually made any changes to the game's netcode, or simply broken the mod and left it at that.

Street Fighter V 'netcode adjustment' patch breaks fan-made lag fix screenshot