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Street Fighter V's Season 3 costumes revealed on PSN

January 17, 2018 1 min read

Benjamin Franklin (allegedly) said that only three things in life were certain: Death, Taxes and Street Fighter V DLC. Something along those lines, anyway.

A new listing popped up on the PlayStation Store yesterday, selling colour combinations for Season Three's newcomers. However, the image accompanying the listing gave away some of the alternate costumes planned for Sagat and friends.

We can see some new looks for Sakura, Sagat and newcomer Falke. But of particular interest is the mysterious "G" receiving gear which seems to align him with Third Strike's sinister robot, "Q." It also appears that, well as his job as Mayor, Cody also took Mike Haggar's pants. Perhaps it is such a crime that led Capcom's bad boy to end up in the slammer in the first place.

Which just leaves Blanka... what in the blue fuck is going on with Blanka?!

Street Fighter V's Season 3 costumes revealed on PSN screenshot