Streets of Red's success on Switch was 'completely unexpected'

April 25, 2018 1 min read

I've been providing free advice to the developers of Streets of Red for a little while, so I have something of an idea of what it took for them to get the game a Nintendo console. It's been at least three years of work, starting with a failed Wii U port, then talks with publishers for a "NX" version, and then finally, the acquisition of a much sought after Switch dev kit. It was hard to say if all that time and money would eventually pay off. 

Thankfully, the port made its budget back in 10 days, so it should be on track to do well enough to fund more Switch and PS4 games in the future. 

We've got a heartfelt comment from the head developer below, which sheds a little insight on their struggles and hints at some future plans. Also, this is the last time in the near future that you can get the game for a few bucks off, so jump on that now if you want to save a couple of clams. 

Streets of Red's success on Switch was 'completely unexpected' screenshot