Sumo Digital's new '70s-inspired spy game 'Spyder' has my attention

August 05, 2019 1 min read

That title was a mouthful eh? Well Sumo Digital knew what they were doing naming a spy game Spyder, and I have to say the whole thing looks wonderful so far: name and all.

Inspired by "'60s and '70s spy flicks and TV shows," the game is coming to the Apple Arcade in spring of 2020. Sumo's Sheffield office will be handling lead development, and Sypder will focus in on Agent 8, a tiny little spider robot, as the creature helps out SAFE (Secret Agent Facilitation Enterprise): you know it's a legit decade-sensitive spy project when the acronyms are pulled out. Promises of secret lairs in Venice, London, and the French Alps are also checking all the right boxes. All of this came out of a game jam.

Sumo has confirmed with Destructoid that the game will be an iOS, Mac, and tvOS exclusive when it does arrive next spring. I'm really digging the aesthetics and the passion project vibe I'm getting, and the iOS arena probably allowed the company to experiment a little more than the average release. If this is the type of thing Apple Arcade is going to feature regularly, count me in.

Sumo Digital's new '70s-inspired spy game 'Spyder' has my attention screenshot