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SUPERHOT going big in Japan with SUPERHOT JP

May 14, 2018 1 min read

SUPERHOT is a super cool game, but you knew that already. In fact, the game's coolness is known as far as Japan, where it's getting a spinoff of sorts in the form of what's currently being called "SUPERHOT JP". Coming from Tokyo-based indie publisher GameTomo, with feedback and guidance from the core developers at SUPERHOT Team, SUPERHOT JP will give fans of time moving when you move new, Japan-inspired environments, weapons, and violent scenarios to blitz through in slow motion. The game is also a standalone effort, meaning it won't require ownership of either SUPERHOTor SUPERHOT VR to play. It's also not a VR game, though GameTomo hedged by adding a "for now" to their FAQ page.

I'm all for having third parties try their hand at "remixing" other developers' designs (it reminds me of the old '90s trend of "unofficial expansions" to games like Command & Conquer) in this fashion. SUPERHOT JP is slated to get an actual title, and a release on PC and PS4 sometime in the future. 


SUPERHOT going big in Japan with SUPERHOT JP screenshot