Sure, I'll play a Sailor Moon Slay the Spire mod

July 12, 2019 1 min read

The unassuming Slay the Spire has been...slaying since it entered early access in 2017, and things really kicked off for developer MegaCrit after releasing the full version on PC: and eventually, PS4 and Switch.

It's basically a roguelike with cards, with the latter directly influenced by the concept of deckbuilding. As a concept it's caught on with a few other games like SteamWorld Quest(and tabletop games like Clank), and I have to say, I dig it. Slay the Spire also rocks mod support, which allows for things like this Sailor Moon mod called "The Senshi."

Not just a reskin, the mod partially converts the game with 75 new cards, 20 relics, new mechanics (transformation and teamwork are the highlights, and in the spirit of Sailor Moon), and unique animations. The latter bit is probably the best part of the mod, as the art for the base game has been particularly contentious.

The Senshi [Steam]

Sure, I'll play a Sailor Moon Slay the Spire mod screenshot