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SXSW Review: Barry

March 10, 2018 1 min read

Veteran comedic actor Bill Hader and writer-producer Alec Berg knew they had to develop a series for HBO, but didn't know what. While bouncing ideas off of each other, Bill said, "What if I was a hitman?" Alec was skeptical. "No, it'd be me, Bill, as a hitman." "Oh," Alec responded. "Well, that's not cool at all."

Not the enthusiastic response you're expecting? Let's explain. At the SXSW 2018 Q&A, following the premiere of the first two episodes of Hader's new HBO series, Barry, the pair emphasized that this wasn't another John Wick, or some guy out there killing people in a "skinny tie." They eschewed guys with slicked back hair and fancy rides on ds. In fact, when the titular Barry's handler promises him a "dope ride" for an assignment, he gets off the plane to find a well-used station wagon complete with car seat and the high-pitched squeal of a failing belt.

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