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Tales of Arise arrives this September

April 21, 2021 1 min read

The next game in the Talesseries is finally ready to set a date. Tales of Arisehas been locked in for a Sept. 10 release date, and it's also arriving with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S versions alongside PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Famitsu revealed a wealth of new info about the new entry in the Talesseries this morning. Alongside new screenshots showcasing two additional characters that seem to be joining the party—a previously-teased mage character and a martial arts fighter—there are also two new trailers. The first is the launch date trailer (in English via IGN):

It wasn't just cinematics, though. A second, longer trailer from Famitsu showcases a few minutes of  gameplay from Tales of Arise. Here, we can see the new look of the series in motion, from overworld exploration and dialogue to battles.

Seeing how the team has managed to make it look completely new, with an overhauled style and systems, while still retaining the structures that make it feel very Tales-like is fascinating. I can make out what seem like Artes, and even the overworld seems hazily similar to other Talesgames, but with a revitalized feel to it.

Tales of Arisehad previously been indefinitely delayed, and while the studio had emphasized its new approach to the Talesseries, not much was seen of it. Now, with both a release date, new platforms, and a gameplay video all out in the open, the new Talesis feeling much more real. I'm very much looking forward to September.

Tales of Arise arrives this September screenshot