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Talking change and fan outrage with Game Attack's Craig and Bolen

July 30, 2017 2 min read

Change and the internet are two things that don’t get along very well.

There could be any number of reasons why, but the biggest is typically fear. As creatures of habit, humans have a hard time reacting to brand new stimuli once we get settled into a routine. We become accustomed to something that we enjoy and get scared that, eventually, it may leave us behind.

Destructoid has recently been subjected to quite a big change. Our acquisition by Enthusiast Gaming has some of our long time community members afraid that we’ll never be the same.

Coincidentally, there is another fairly large gaming website that has recently gone through a similar shift in ownership. Screwattack.com, founded in the same year as Destructoid, was acquired by Rooster Teeth in 2015. Just a few months ago, the company was turned over by its founder, Stuttering Craig, to a longtime employee (Chad James) so that Craig could create an independent streaming channel, called Game Attack, with his best friend Shaun Bolen.

It’s safe to say that longtime fans of Screwattack were a bit upset. The website had shifted away from the content that made it popular a decade ago and now even the father was leaving the company, which seems to be signaling the end. While I don’t believe that thought process, it’s not hard to see why some people are scared that their home for the last 10 years might be changing dramatically.

At RTX I had the chance to interview Stuttering Craig and Shaun Bolen, the tag team streaming duo of the world that makes up Game Attack. I asked them what they believe causes fan outrage to change, what they think is the recipe for staying relevant online and what the future may hold for them.

Talking change and fan outrage with Game Attack's Craig and Bolen screenshot