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The 10 greatest mushrooms in video games

April 12, 2020 1 min read

[Sam van der Meer is here to talk to you about mushrooms. No, he's not referring to psychedelic mushrooms. We’re not here to talk about something that might prompt you to run around at midday in a public park, wearing only your underwear, while laughing hysterically, scaring every innocent family around you. There may or may not have been seven cops chasing you too. Who really knows, in this most hypothetical of situations?

The important thing to remember here is that these are completely wholesome, totally-not-drug-related mushrooms that just happen to be in video games. There’s definitely nothing illegal going on here, I swear. – Kevin]

So, I was making quiches (as someone who essentially eats once a day for dinner, an entire six-inch-across quiche is something I will personally and entirely devour, prompting those "quiches" for other members of my household.) the other night, which is in itself a bit of a lie. My mom, bless her, makes the crust. I can't bake for diddly. I do the eggs and cheese proportions and the caramelized onions ...

and saute the mushrooms.

The 10 greatest mushrooms in video games screenshot