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The 300 Week 4: The Citizen Kane of Adorable Bear Movies

January 31, 2018 1 min read

Welcome back to The 300, a weekly feature that recounts my foolhardy attempt to watch 300 movies in theaters in the year 2018. Each week I'll be watching new releases, classics, and hidden gems to explore the wide world of cinema.

As always, there are three rules in The 300:

  • The movie must be at least 40 minutes long, meeting the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' definition of a feature film.
  • I must watch the movie at a movie theater, screening room, or outdoor screening venue.
  • While I can watch movies I've seen before 2018, I cannot count repeated viewings of the same film in 2018 multiple times.

Over the last week, a slight bit of dread has started to hang over The 300. MoviePass recently ended their partnership with select high-traffic AMC theaters, and the company also updated their terms of service. I expect a rate increase and/or viewing restrictions to kick in soon. If my MoviePass account gets frozen (it happened before in 2016), this whole 300 project could be in jeopardy.

Oh, the suspense!

Anyways, January is closing out strong, and I already have a lot of my February viewing schedule figured out. As of this writing, I am already over 10% of the way to my goal.

And so, onward.

The 300 Week 4: The Citizen Kane of Adorable Bear Movies screenshot