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The 300 Week 42: THIS IS SUSPIRIA!

October 24, 2018 1 min read

Double, double toil and trouble, my little witches and warlocks, and welcome back to The 300, a recurring feature on my hellish attempt to watch 300 movies in theaters in the year 2018. I’ll be watching new releases, classics, hidden gems, and festival films to experience the wide world of cinema in all its forms. With so much moviegoing variety, there ought to be something here for you to enjoy.

As always, there are three rules for The 300:

  • The movie must be at least 40 minutes long, meeting the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ definition of a feature film.
  • I must watch the movie at a movie theater, screening room, or outdoor screening venue.
  • While I can watch movies I’ve seen before 2018, I cannot count repeated viewings of the same film in 2018 multiple times.

Another light week but an interesting blend of films. I was unfortunately only able to catch one more movie at the 2018 Brooklyn Horror Film Festival due to subway issues, and was upstate writing and hiking for the weekend, which cut into moviegoing time. I’ll be ratcheting up activity in the next few weeks to get over the finish line, but I can’t wait for this long moviegoing schlep to end so I can go back to being a streaming jabroni like everyone else. As we near the end, I have come down with a case of senioritis.

I have 26 movies left to go. Let’s dance.

And so, onward.

The 300 Week 42: THIS IS SUSPIRIA! screenshot