The best moms in video games

Authored By Rich Meister

(SPOILER WARNING: The last two entries in this list get a bit spoilery for Yakuza 6 and God of War, proceed at your own risk.)

Last week I served up a list of some of the worst mothers in video game history. Bad moms are pretty easy to pluck out of this medium of entertainment since they're so infrequently depicted in a positive light. That being said, it wouldn't be right to let this Mother's Day go by without also compiling a list of some of the best moms video games have to offer.

Full disclosure: a few of the moms that came to mind for this particular list are from pretty recent titles. That being said, there are some spoilers for both God of War and Yakuza 6 towards the bottom of this list so proceed at your own risk. 

The best moms in video games  screenshot


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