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The Binge Log: Japanator's Guide to Winter 2018 Anime

February 04, 2018 1 min read

Hello, and welcome back to Japanator's eternally-delayed anime coverage. As I promised back in our New Year's resolutions, we're resuming our once-regular seasonal anime coverage, though in a bit of a new form. Welcome to the Binge Log for Winter 2018!

For the uninitiated, this is our new take on what used to be known as Japanator's Anime Preview Guide. The changing landscape of anime distribution and licensing, the changing pace and timing of peoples' encounters with new anime, and the sheer number of shows being pumped out these days has made speculating about a show's quality before it's even aired less and less meaningful. Better instead to gather impressions from a number of people - in this case, the surprisingly numerous anime-watchers on staff here at Japanator and Destructoid - and try to find highlights and impressions from the shows we're actually watching (along with a few we tried, but couldn't stick with). So while not every single offering will show up in this big ol' list, you can be sure that we've seen enough of what's here to have a hot take ready to serve. 

So read on to see what we think of the season's offerings so far, and tell us all about what you're watching as well!

The Binge Log: Japanator's Guide to Winter 2018 Anime screenshot