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The Bug Fables demo took me 17 years to the past

February 14, 2018 1 min read

Crowdfunded games are a gamble. We’ve seen the likes of Mighty No. 9 go from extreme anticipation to an underwhelming launch. We've even seen games that fail to release altogether. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for projects that offer prototypes, demos, or other forms of early gameplay. It's nice to see evidence that work has already been put into the game, that it has a clear vision and that it’s heading in a direction I personally enjoy. Having tried Bug Fables’ demo, available on its Indiegogo campaign, I can safely file that game under the “I’m excited” category.

See, Bugs Fables is the most Paper Mario a game has ever been since The Thousand-Year Door. Turn-based battles, platforming, quirky characters, cooking, it has it all.

One thing immediately struck me as I began playing Bug Fables. The visual effects are on point. The characters flip while moving just like you'd expect, houses come undone when entering just like you'd expect, transitions between screens are from lone platforms just like you'd expect. It's impressive, seeing how close the game gets to Paper Mario's vision, and its polish as well.

The Bug Fables demo took me 17 years to the past screenshot