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The Community Spotlight - 03/31/2018

March 31, 2018 6 min read

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host this week. As the Spring weather begins to thaw our cold bones in the Northern Hemisphere, the staff and community is up to their old trick as usual. We have a delightful glut of videos to watch and enjoy, as well as a number of charitable fundraisers. Remember, the Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run VIII is already raising money for charity and all set for 4/20-22/2018! So, without further ado, let's jump into the many bits of site related housekeeping for this week!

Man... this website sure has changed in the past eight years.
Man... this website sure has changed in the past eight years.

Clips Of The Week

BANNER - Lock Down But It's The Moody Movie Trailer Version (By: @hamst3r)

Are you ready for the LOCK DOWN baby? Because music maestro Hamst3r sure is!

Giant Bomb - LOCKDOWN TRAILER (By: moondoggo)

Speaking of Hamst3r's dramatic Lock Down music, over on Twitter, moondoggo so I loved it so much they made a video to put behind it!

Sail The Canals (Jeff's Lament) (By: @jeremym)

As requested in the Giant Bomb Infinite chat, JeremyM created a song based on Sail The Canals, from Mario Party 7, with lyrics! He has titled the ballad "Jeff's Lament."

Giant Bomb PS4 DragonBall FighterZ RageQuit Weekly #1 (03/23/18) Part 1&Part 2(By: @esrever)

The Giant Bomb PS4 FGC for DragonBall FighterZ held their very first tournament to what will hopefully become a weekly series! Feel free to join the fun next time by clicking this link!

Giant Bomb SFV Weekly 03/24/18 (By: Ehsan)

The archive of the 03/24/18 Giant Bomb Community Street Fighter V tournament is up! See who won, and remember you can join the next tournament by signing up over here.

Tweets Of The Week

Community Activities

What a beautifully ugly game.
What a beautifully ugly game.

"Shiver Me Duders" - The Giant Bomb Sea of Thieves Xbox Club & Discord Server(By: @feralchemy)

Calling all Sea of Thieves fans! There's a Giant Bomb Community Xbox Club you can join NOW! Right now, the number of crew members has passed 50 members!

Giant Bomb Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Community Group(By: @pewpewphil)

The Giant Bomb Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Community Group now has a Discord server! Learn how you can join the fun by clicking the link above.

Best Of Blogs

Only a crazy person would play Sonic Heroes for charity.
Only a crazy person would play Sonic Heroes for charity.

I Will Endure Sonic Heroes For Charity Next Month! (By: @jeffrud)

Want a chance to win a CiB copy of Ocarina of Time Collector's Edition for the N64? jeffrud is giving his away if you help him with his Sonic Heroes Pencils of Promise charity stream!

I'm Marathoning Final Fantasy XIII For Charity! Learn How To Make Me EVEN MORE Miserable! (By: @zombiepie)

Giant Bomb moderator ZombiePie is playing 12 hours of Final Fantasy XIII, non-stop, FOR CHARITY! Read how you can support his charitable effort, by making him more miserable!

Thoughts On Into The Breach's Squads (By: @majormitch)

Only an even crazier person would play FF13 for charity.
Only an even crazier person would play FF13 for charity.

MajorMitch has spent a great deal of time with Into the Breach. Read why he's been hypnotized with the game's squads, and his "power rankings" for each. And for the record, Blitzkrieg is just the worst!

It's Only Been A Week But I Think I'm Already Done With Sea Of Thieves... (By: @sweep)

Moderator Sweep played Sea of Thieves for a week and shares why he doesn't have any desire to play any more of it until major changes come to the game.

Deep Listens: Final Foiling: Time To Talk About the FF Trading Card Game (By: @thatpinguino)

Did you even know there was a Final Fantasy Trading Card Game? Would it surprise you to learn that it was based on Magic the Gathering? Learn all about it on the latest Deep Listens podcast hosted by Giant Bomb moderator thatpinguino.

Only "bad" people dislike hamsters!

Top 10 Hamsters In Video Games (By: @moderatetrouble)

Hamsters just don't get enough respect in video games. moderateTrouble hopes to rectify that shortcoming by ranking the best video game hamsters.

Saturday Summaries 2018-03-31: Q2 Preview Edition (By: @mento)

In this week's edition of Saturday Summaries, Mento ponders the games coming out over the next three months (Yakuza 6! Pillars of Eternity II! Vampyr!) as well as checking out Yoshi's Woolly World, Trine 3, and one last hidden object game.

Join The Discussion

For once, I'd like it if the anime nonsense was at a minimum on the site.
For once, I'd like it if the anime nonsense was at a minimum on the site.

Goku or Vegeta? [Poll Included] (By: @tophar01)

Huh, I guess we now have a "Goku vs. Vegeta" poll and discussion thread. I wonder what may have inspired the creation of this poll and discussion thread....

Which "Lesser Entry In A Series" Do You Ride Or Die With?(By: @liquiddragon)

Is there an often maligned entry in a well-known video game franchise you will defend with your dying breath? I think we all know about my love for Final Fantasy VIII, but what about you?

Red Faction: Guerrilla Remaster Announcement Thread (By: @driveuplife)

Are any of you excited about Red Faction: Guerrilla getting an HD Remaster? I really hope the remaster somehow can restore the online community for the game, because it was stupid fun back in the day.

Are You Enjoying Far Cry 5? (By: @ntm)

How would you rate your enjoyment, or lack thereof, of Far Cry 5? Vote and discuss your final impressions of the game with the rest of the Giant Bomb Community!

Whether good or bad, share your Far Cry 5 experiences.
Whether good or bad, share your Far Cry 5 experiences.

Branding Issue For ESVI: Is "Skyrim" More Recognizable Than "The Elder Scrolls?" (By: @minipato)

Is "Skyrim" more recognizable than "The Elder Scrolls" brand name? If it is, is that a bad thing? These are the questions at hand in this community poll and discussion thread!

Alternate Soundtracks for Burnout Paradise Sharing - Suggestions Welcome! (By: @cameraguykurt)

Have you created a custom soundtrack in Burnout Paradise? Share your soundtrack or Spotify playlist with Giant Bomb users bored by the game's soundtrack.

How Do You Deal With A Giant Gaming Backlog? (By: @ravensword)

Is co-op the only way to ensure this game is better than the Oscars?
Is co-op the only way to ensure this game is better than the Oscars?

We are three months in but have you been able to make progress with your gaming backlog? Share your formative plans and targets for the upcoming months.

A Way Out Co-op Discussion Thread (By: @h0lgr)

How would you rank A Way Out as a co-op experience? Is co-op the best way to get the most out of the game? How does it compare to playing the game single-player?

Three Months Into 2018: What's Your Favorite New Release This Year? (By: @beachthunder)

We are three months into 2018, and that leads me to one simple question: What's your favorite new game release thus far? Share and discuss the game that has entertained you the most.

Lovable Lists

The theme music to Marble Madness is GOD TIER!
The theme music to Marble Madness is GOD TIER!

Marble Rollers (By: @kablammo)

kablammo is working on a list of game where you control an object like a marble that you need to roll into a goal. Check out their progress, and share missing examples over here.

Best Games of 1994 (By: @guip1408)

guip1408 annotates his favorite games from 1994! Read why he thinks the year was a groundbreaking time for game development.

Useful User Reviews

  • @excellr8 enjoyed their time with Far Cry 5, despite having outstanding issues with its story and structure, which you can read about on their review.
  • Giant Bomb user @d_w shares why they were largely impressed by Visual Out's solid Metroidvania trappings on their review.
  • @mocbucket62 considers Celeste to be an exceptional game that everyone should play. Read why they were enthralled by its style and gameplay.
  • @riostarwind's effort to review EVERY VIDEO GAME EVER MADE continues with Mystik Belle. Read why its mix of item collection and adventure didn't sit well with them.

Wonderful Wiki

Never play this asshole.
Never play this asshole.

Advance Wars

@mrsensible has sunk in some much-needed work on the original Advance Wars wiki page. You have them to thank for the nice-looking unit and CO descriptions!