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The Community Spotlight - 08/05/2017

August 05, 2017 5 min read

Follow JDavidsen on Twitter for other beautiful sketches and drawings!
Follow JDavidsen on Twitter for other beautiful sketches and drawings!

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, @zombiepie, am honored to be your host this week! As Summer draws ever so close to ending, the video game releases are still coming down to just a few notable releases. Tacoma was the big notable release from the previous week, and Hellblade appears to be the anticipated release of this upcoming week. With that in mind let's talk about the one housekeeping item I have this week before jumping into the latest Community Spotlight!

  • @benpack asked users on Twitter to send him your favorite Giant Bomb related images. He received over three-hundred replies and images. Join the community effort if you have a Twitter account.

Giant Bomb Galleria

BANNER - Steal My Sunshine Dan (By: JDavidsen)

Dan has taken what could best be described as a "commanding lead" in the Steal My Sunshine premium video series. Luckily we can all agree this sketch by JDavidsen is something we can all agree is great!

Giant Bomb Alignments circa August 4th 2017 (By: @platonicwaffles)

A while back PlatonicWaffles crafted an AMAZING Giant Bomb staff Alignment chart using the Giant Bomb staff from a few years back. Here's the updated version, and it is as perfect as the first!

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GB Logo On A Small OLED Screen (By: @ozzie)

Ozzie has been working on a handful of projects, and one was to display the Giant Bomb logo on a small OLED screen!

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Always Abandon Dan T-Shirt (By: @fobwashed)

I mean... is there anyone who disagrees with the content of this t-shirt?

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Dilbrad (By: odd_particle)

Dota 2 and new roommates and puppies, oh my! The new episodes of Dilbrad are a fun read if you have a few minutes to spare.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

Community Activities

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The Ultimate PUBG Tips and Advice Thread (By: @fatalbanana)

Join our community effort to create an "Ultimate" Playerunknown's BattlegroundsTips and Advice Guide! Share your tips and tricks for other community members to learn from!

Clips Of The Week

Best Of Giant Bomb's Deadly Premonition Endurance Run--10 & 11, The Grand Finale (By: @clagnaught)

Many thanks to clagnaught for his wonderful "Best Of" videos for the Deadly Premonition ER! The last episode is up and is as hilarious as you would expect.

Best Of Blogs

According to DrM2theJ, the Arms lore goes
According to DrM2theJ, the Arms lore goes "deep."

A Handy Guide to ARMS Lore (By: @drm2thej)

Who would have thought the canon for Arms goes back to the Ancient Egyptians? DrM2theJ had a fun time deciphering the Japanese promotional content for Arms to discover its surprisingly deep backstory.

Motivation, Drive, And Indulgent Pulp (By: @mabaseslums)

MabaseSlums made a "political compass" but for video games! Read how he divided games based on in-game motivation and mechanics.

GiantBet: Tracking GBEast's Descent Into Gumball-Based Gambling (By: @thepickle)

MabaseSlums's video game compass is an interesting read.
MabaseSlums's video game compass is an interesting read.

ThePickle compiled the stats of every bet from Steal My Sunshine! For those who have been following the series, you know Abby's betting record of six to thirteen has significantly impacted her shine score.

My Top Five Anticipated Releases of August 2017 (By: @themist997)

TheMist997 wrote about the five games set to release this August he's excited to play, and you might be surprised to see his #1 pick.

Sniper Elite Series Retrospective (By: @notkcots)

Notkcots published a retrospective blog post on the Sniper Elite franchise. Read why the polarizing series is one of his personal favorites.

Entirely Adequate Summer Games (And Other Fantastic Uses Of Time And Money) (By: @arbitrarywater)

Whether it be Danganronpa or Horizon: Zero Dawn, ArbitraryWater had tons of fun this Summer! Read all about what he managed to play this season.

Aloy From Horizon Zero Dawn Does Not Make Sense As A Character (SPOILERS)(By: @bigsocrates)

BigSocrates articulates why he thinks Aloy's characterization and story is the weakest aspect of Horizon Zero Dawn's greater narrative.

All-New Saturday Summaries 2017-08-05 (By: @mento)

Dan with a commanding lead!
Dan with a commanding lead!

New episodes of The Top Shelf and Indie Game of the Week await those who visit Mento's summary blog this week, along with his list of the more appreciated small touches of Tales of Zestiria.

Fighting Final Fantasy X Parts 73-84: Can Someone Explain What This Game Does With Tidus? Because I Just Can't Even.... (By: @zombiepie)

Giant Bomb moderator ZombiePie wrote a 7,000-word blog which attempted to make sense of Final Fantasy X's plot twist. He failed horribly.

Join The Discussion

The Dota 2 train has arrived! Choo-choo!
The Dota 2 train has arrived! Choo-choo!

The International 2017 (Aug. 2 - 12) Discussion Thread (By: @zomgfruitbunnies)

The International is this week, so remember our "official" community discussion thread for The International 2017 can be found right here! Talk about any upsets or great matches!

Games With Fun Tutorials? (By: @beachthunder)

Can you think of games with fun tutorials you enjoyed playing? Top community picks currently include Dustforce, Persona 5, and Breath of the Wild.

Hypothetically, Would You Preset The View Orientation In A Game For Your Child? (Inverted Vs. Not) (By: @sgtsphynx)

Inverted is love, inverted is life.
Inverted is love, inverted is life.

Would you raise a child to play video games using inverted controls? Vote and discuss the matter on this community poll and thread.

The Long Dark Is Out Of Early Access Discussion (By: @lost_forester)

The Long Dark exited Early Access recently, and you can join our community discussion about the how the final game shaped up.

Best Persona Game (By: @busto1299)

With all the talk surrounding Persona 5 this year, do you think it has "dethroned" previous entries in the series as the "best?" Vote and discuss your favorite Persona game.

RPG/JRPGs with Overkill (By: @fluffypillow)

Do you enjoy "Overkill" combat mechanics in RPG/JRPGs? I cannot help but recall the mechanic being used to perfection in Final Fantasy X, but feel free to share your agreements or disagreements over here.

Wonderful Wikis

How has Cliffy B's latest outing played out?
How has Cliffy B's latest outing played out?


LawBreakers is from the head designer of Unreal Tournament and development lead of Killzone, and you can read all about how the game has shaped up over the years on our wiki page for the game.

Lovable Lists

Who put Nier on their list? Read both to find out!
Who put Nier on their list? Read both to find out!

Iglored (By: @mento)

Mento created a list of games dense with optional lore that he can't imagine many players took the time to read. If you spent ten hours in Mass Effect's Citadel to find and read all those Codex entries, this list is for you.

Top 10 Of All Time (By: @brent)

Giant Bomb user brent not only took the time to list the ten games near and dear to his heart, but he also articulated why each game is special to him.

Useful User Reviews

There's no business like show business.
There's no business like show business.