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The Community Spotlight - 09/03/2017

September 03, 2017 5 min read

Let's just say
Let's just say "stuff happened" and move on.... (By: Humanity)

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, ZombiePie, am honored to be your host yet again. This weekend many of the Giant Bomb staff made the yearly trek to PAX West to get into many sorts of video game panel tomfoolery. Below I'll include Marino's PAX West Survival Guide. On it, you'll find the times for any PAX West panels which feature Giant Bomb staff members. If you had the pleasure of going to PAX West 2017 and are reading this after its publishing, I hope your sanity recovers quickly. Without further ado, let's go over the site related housekeeping:

Giant Bomb Galleria

League Of Heels Banner (By: Humanity)

Calling the PAX RUMBLE "insane" is an understatement. Giant Bomb user Humanity's artwork is genuinely half the craziness of what happens during an actual PAX Rumble.

Blue Bombin' Banner (By: B0nd07)

If you enjoy the Blue Blombin' video series, know that Giant Bomb user B0nd07 made the image that runs during the pre-stream

No Caption Provided

Dilbrad #33 - #37 (By: OddParticle)

The hilarious adventures of Dilbrad continue and this week a wild Patrick can be found. Check out this week's strips to discover how Ben and Brad have been surviving the CBSi offices.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5

Community Member Tweets Of The Week

@giantbomb thanks for inspiring my own XCOM play through! The randomly selected nicknames matched up perfectly! pic.twitter.com/MuXjFdfqhN

— Robert Attwood (@Rattwood31) August 28, 2017

The dumb thumbnail I made for today's @giantbomb Giant Bombcast got used. That's a cool thing pic.twitter.com/m6DxO59V34

— Bob McConaughy (@pixelrat) August 29, 2017

Community Activities

Once more unto the breach my friends!
Once more unto the breach my friends!

Destiny 2 Clans and Grouping Utilities (By: Hestilllives19)

Destiny 2 is set to release soon, so I'll go ahead and link the clan list forum from the Destiny 2 board. The last thing you'll want to do is play the game by yourself.

Clips Of The Week

Murder Island Intro Video... (By: graboids)

graboids created a quick introductory animation for the Murder Island video series, and it is BALLER!

Best Of Blogs

Buzz_clik's blog on his love for the Commodore 64 goes
Buzz_clik's blog on his love for the Commodore 64 goes "places."

Powered By PETSCII (By: buzz_clik)

A friend of the site, buzz_clik shares another part of his love for the Commodore 64 on his latest blog. I promise it is not a dark descent into a video game "rabbit hole."

I'm Just Not Good Enough For Absolver (By: beardslyman)

beardslyman shares why he struggled to wrap his mind around the ins and outs of Absolver, and why the game's inscrutable gameplay turned him off.

I Went To Gamestop Expo Part 1 & I Went to Gamestop Expo Part 2 (By: TheMist997)

TheMist997 had the distinct pleasure of going to the Gamestop Expo 2017 at Vega! Read all about the experience, and discover if he thought it was worth the price of entry, on his two part blog series.

Gamestop had a video game convention? Read more about it on The Mist997's blog.
Gamestop had a video game convention? Read more about it on The Mist997's blog.

Uncharted Without Nathan Drake Is Still Uncharted. Lost Legacy Wins Big With A Shorter, More Focused, Campaign & My Memory Lied To Me. I Hate Magician Lord! Magic Sword's Pretty Alright Though (By: BigSocrates)

BigSocrates uses Uncharted: The Lost Legacy as a case study on how more big budgeted games could benefit from shorter campaigns. BigSocrates also wrote a blog on how his nostalgia deceived him from the truth: Magician Lord is a bad video game!

How I Learned To Love The Chaos: The Norsca And A Heavily Updated TW: Warhammer In Review (By: ArtisanBreads)

ArtisanBreads wrote a blog on how the Norsca DLC for Total War: Warhammer has a lot of fun for players to take advantage of, and adds more spice to the base game.

To be honest, I never had nostalgia for the NEO GEO in the first place.
To be honest, I never had nostalgia for the NEO GEO in the first place.

An Hour With... Resistance: Fall of Man (By: danielkempster)

danielkempster played Resistance: Fall of Man for an hour, and discusses on his blog how it has aged better than you may think.

"The Tick" is the Antivenom to Marvel's Toothlessness and DC's Grimdarkness (By: Undeadpool)

It might not be related to video games, but Undeadpool's write up on why Netflix's rendition of "The Tick" is a breath of fresh air when compared to the state of comic book television and movie adaptations.

All-New Saturday Summaries 2017-09-02 (By: MENTO)

On this edition of his usual weekly summary blog, Mento discusses the evolution of adventure games, some early impressions of Danganronpa 2, and his plans for what he's tentatively calling "Shelftember".

Join The Discussion

"Dave Lang, this is your nightmare"

What's Coming Out In The Rest Of 2017 That You're Looking Forward To? (By: matoya)

With only a few months of 2017 left, which remaining games set to release this year are you most excited to get your hands on?

Windjammers Is Out Discussion Thread (By: Demonsoul)

I think it goes without saying everyone enjoys a good game of Windjammers, but where do you stand regarding DotEmu's recent re-release of the game?

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Discussion Thread (By: JustKamToo)

I have no idea what is happening in this screenshot. Help?
I have no idea what is happening in this screenshot. Help?

So far, it appears the Giant Bomb community's impressions of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle run a gamut of positive and negative emotions. Feel free to share yours if you have played the game.

War of the Chosen is Out - Impressions? (By: avantegardener)

Are your impressions of XCOM 2: War Of The Chosen positive, neutral, or negative? In a perfect world, how would the "Exquisite Corps" fare?

Painful Nostalgia(By: JEC03)

Can nostalgia be "painful?" Join our discussion on how video game nostalgia can conjure feelings of depression or even disappointment.


Final Fantasy: Dissidia NT Closed Beta Discussion (By: Pierre42)

Have any of you tried out the Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT Closed Beta? If so, join our community discussion, here and share where you stand regarding the game's changes to the Dissidia formula.

Here Comes A New Challenger: Menat Joins Street Fighter V August 29th (By: StarvingGamer)

What're YOUR early impressions of Menat in Street Fighter V? Share your stray observations with the other members of Giant Bomb's Fighting Game Community.

Everybody's Everybody's Golf Thread(By: sizzlerxanadu)


It's great to see Everybody's Golf released for the PC and PlayStation 4! Feel free to share your custom character creations and experiences in the game with the rest of the Giant Bomb community.

Lovable Lists

Some Thoughts On Video Games: August 2017 (By: RioStarwind)

Giant Bomb moderator RioStarwind annotates his impressions of the games released on the PlayStation Plus label during the month of August.

StealthRUSH's Top 100 Favorite PlayStation Vita Games (By: StealthRUSH)

StealthRUSH is back with another list examining his top 100 favorite games for a given platform. This week he looks back at the PlayStation Vita with more fondness than Sony.

Useful User Reviews

What's so
What's so "flawed" about having a stamina meter in a game that doesn't particularly benefit from including one?
  • vert_vermillion's review of ICEY articulates why he thinks "average" is the best way to describe his final impressions of the game
  • darthorange uses his review of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to discuss why he considers this entry in the Legend of Zelda franchise to be a "flawed gem."