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The Community Spotlight 2020.06.20

June 20, 2020 7 min read

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host as we look back at the best creative endeavors from the Giant Bomb community! This week we have what I can only describe is the greatest amount of blogs and thread I have seen in a single week! Good work to everyone who shared their impressions of games and current events to the community as it is much appreciated! Also, with the announcement of a new Skate game, I thought it would be "apt" to link to an old video I think has aged as gracefully as you could ask. Anyways, let's jump into the site-related housekeeping!

Tweets Of The Week

Galleria Of Art

Bloodborne Artwork Updated & Fortnite with St. Vincent (By: @humanity)

Humanity hit it out of the park with TWO magnificent works of art this week! The first work "updates" a Bloodborne banner they made a few years ago that featured Jeff getting ready to take on Bloodborne. The second image creates a banner for a video series that may not ever return, but who are we to judge?

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Clips Of The Week

Giant Bombcast - 02/23/16 - "#skate4" & Giant Bomb "#skate 4" UPDATED (By: bananas & Tony Zuniga)

With the announcement of a new Skate game, I felt that was a good enough excuse to share what I consider one of the best animated Bombcast videos on YouTube. Also, someone took the original video and "edited" it to include the Skate 4 announcement.

Community Activities

New Giant Bomb Community Minecraft Server (By: @nickydubz)

It seems like the new Giant Bomb Minecraft Community Server got some much needed attention this week from the staff! Read all about how you can join the fun using the link above and don't forget to spread the word!


I'm up for another blog about Control, and you should too!
I'm up for another blog about Control, and you should too!

Should Games Reviews Acknowledge Poor Studio Conditions? (By: @sweep)

Moderator Sweep has started a healthy discussion on the forums assessing if games reviews should acknowledge poor studio conditions in light of new information about the working conditions in Naughty Dog, Inc. coming out following the release of The Last of Us Part II.

Objects of Power: Control and the Unconscious (By: @gamer_152)

This week, moderator Gamer_152 explores Remedy's Control, the concept of the unconscious is vividly represented, and its protagonist must confront her psychological demons. I discuss how in this essay.

Grandia Features One Of The Most Disturbing Details I've Ever Seen In A Non-horror Video Game (Mild Spoilers) (By: @bigsocrates)

holy shit....
holy shit....

bigsocrates was recently playing the first Grandia game and uses their latest blog to talk about how it has one of the darkest plot twists in a JRPG. I'm not joking, it's horrifying.

The Wheel of Dubious RPGs Episode 007: Wizards and Warriors (By: @arbitrarywater)

Wizards and Warriors (not the NES game) is the topic of ArbitraryWater's latest blog series on "dubious" CRPGs of the past! Read why they cannot help but enjoy the game in all its broken glory!

ZombiePie's VN Torture Chamber Episode 002: The World Is On Fire So I Dated A Bug In Kokonoe Kokoro (By: @zombiepie)

With the world on fire, moderator ZombiePie decided to play Kokonoe Kokoro to see if dating a bug girl would make them feel better about the current state of humanity. It did not.

Do I need to lock this Spotlight behind a mature content filter now?
Do I need to lock this Spotlight behind a mature content filter now?

Mega Archive CD: Part I: From Heavy Nova to Lunar: The Silver Star +

Indie Game of the Week 175: Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King (By: @mento)

First, Mento announces a new retrospective blog series on the Sega CD! Give their first post a read to see what you can expect! Second, their latest "Indie Game of the Week" blog is all about Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King! Read why they were impressed by its flower-based combat within two dungeons!

Personal Reflections And Persona 5 Royal (By: @mooseymcman)

MooseyMcMan reflects on Persona 5 Royal, its new ending, strong themes of rebellion, and its undertones of friendship through strife. It is a highly exhaustive look as always.

Maybe the real treasure were the friends they made along the way.
Maybe the real treasure were the friends they made along the way.

Smackdown Vs Raw 2006 Revisited (By: @nutta27)

nutta27 continues their quest to play every wrestling game ever made and shares why Smackdown Vs Raw 2006 is still a "top five" wrestling game of all-time.

I Stopped Watching Twitch And Started Enjoying Video Games Again (By: @fruitcocoa)

Fruitcocoa shares why they stopped watching Twitch streams and Let's Play videos and how doing so has helped them enjoy video games on their own time more.

What's The Greatest Video Game: Blast Corps (By: @imunbeatable80)

And FFVII Remake is the gift that keeps on giving.
And FFVII Remake is the gift that keeps on giving.

imunbeatable80 looks back on Blast Corps and attempts to assess whether or not its explosive gameplay translates well into modern times and if it still has a legacy on modern video games!

Facing Destiny: On Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Ending (By: @majormitch)

MajorMitch just got done with Final Fantasy VII Remake and shares the emotional roller-coaster they are feeling after watching the game's ending. If you have opinions about the game's ending, then, this is the blog for you!

Discussions & Threads


Skate 4, My Boy (By: @jeremyf)

So.... Skate 4 is happening? Or is it? What do you make of EA's announcement of a new Skate game? Are you optimistic or pessimistic? Join the community discussion using the link above!

Persona 4 Golden On PC. Got Any Spoiler Free Tips/Tricks For New Players? (By: @mortimer)

Many users are using the Steam release of Persona 4 Golden to play the game for the first time! However, many of them are asking for tips and tricks from Persona 4 vets. If you have any use the link to share them!

Cyberpunk 2077 Delayed Until November 19 (By: @glots)

Cyberpunk 2077 delay was announced last week, and most of the community seems incredibly accepting of the announcement. Can you think of any other games that people should expect to be delayed?

Also, more games should have Persona 4 Golden's difficulty sliders.
Also, more games should have Persona 4 Golden's difficulty sliders.

Itch.io Charity Bundle Recommendations (By: @stantongrouse)

A lot of users picked up the Itch.io Charity Bundle and don't know where to start. Which games from the Charity Bundle do you recommend the most? What are the "buried treasures in the package?"

Warner Bros. Interactive Is Up For Sale (By: @panfoot)

WB Games appears to be up for sale! Which Warner Brothers IPs do you think have "dream matchups" to a current developer or studio? Share your picks, and discuss the news in general.

PS5 Pro/Xbox Series X Conundrum (By: @arcitee)

Why couldn't Blockbuster hold out for a few more years for this game?
Why couldn't Blockbuster hold out for a few more years for this game?

With the hardware differences not being a massive gap, how are you assessing the PS5 and Xbox Series X between each other? Which console are you leaning towards so far?

An Actor Compares TLoU2 To Schindler's List. Twitter Does Not Like It(By: @drbroel)

This was, by a country mile, the most commented thread on the site this week and this month. As the title suggests, the Gaint Bomb community is divided about the merits of an actor equating the emotional weight of The Last of Us Part II to Schindler's List.

New Pokémon Snap Coming To Switch! (By: @isomeri)

It appears the community is jumping for joy with the announcement of New Pokémon Snap! Join the community hype by sharing what you are looking forward to the most!

Who voted for $1,000? WHO?!
Who voted for $1,000? WHO?!

Resident Evil Village Initial Impressions Thread (By: @giant_gamer)

Are you excited for Resident Evil Village? Some members of the community appear disappointed the game will use the first-person perspective, whereas others feel like that makes the game even more appealing!

Little Devil Inside Devs Decide To Change Character Designs Due To Feedback (By: @humanity)

The developers behind Little Devil Inside are changing character designs based on feedback. Join the community discussion about the heart of the issue using the link above!

How Much Are You Willing To Pay For Next-Gen Consoles? (By: @isomeri)

Here's a community poll and discussion thread debating the highest possible price people would be willing to pay for a next generation console. Vote and defend your pick, and to the right are the results thus far!

Star Wars: Squadrons Officially Unveiled (By: @nasher27)

A lot of users are incredibly excited for Star Wars: Squadrons after the trailer released! Feel free to share your early impressions of the game, and hope for how the multiplayer and single-player will pan out.


I can deeply relate to MoonlightMoth's list.
I can deeply relate to MoonlightMoth's list.

Game of the Year: In Absentia (By: @moonlightmoth)

MoonlightMoth whipped up a list on Giant Bomb I think we can all related to: games that would have made their GOTY had they played the year of their release. Review which games made their list and don't forget to consider making your own list.

Quick Thoughts About Games From the itch.io Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality (By: @sgtsphynx)

Moderator SgtSphynx is making the effort to play every game from the itch.io Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality! Use the link to see which games they recommend the most!

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