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The Community Spotlight 2020.09.12

September 12, 2020 8 min read

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host as we look back at the best community offerings from the previous week. First, to any of you being impacted by the United States west coast fires, please stay safe and healthy. Also, be aware some members of the staff have been impacted by this event as well. On a lighter note, the community is still BUZZING about the Xbox Series X/S news! Everyone is still mulling over the two SKUs and if Microsoft's "leasing" program holds any appeal to them. The staff, Jeff in particular, continue to explore streaming games during "off-hours" in hopes of reaching out to different timezones. Unfortunately, these streams very often go unannounced as they are spur of the moment decisions, but be aware they are something to be aware of in the future. However, with all of that in mind, let's jump into the site-related housekeeping!



Giant Bomb Jeff's Stint As An Astronaut (By: Liam Tasker)

I don't know who decided to upload this old PAX panel video clip of saying "I'M AN ASTRONAUT!" while putting a plastic bag on this head and then getting murdalized by Patrick, but I needed this.

Giant Bombcast 460 Highlight - A Question About The Last Of Us Part 2 (By: Semi-Active Giant Bomb Archiver)

Here's a blast from the past for all of you Giant Bomb fans! During Bombcast Episode #460 way back in 2016 the staff very quickly dismissed the idea of The Last of Us Part II being a launch title on PS5 and doubting the very notion a PS5 would launch by 2020.

It was a different time.

Community Activities

Marvel's Avengers Online Co-Op Community (By: @bearhardt)

Sounds like people are still having a fun time with this game!
Sounds like people are still having a fun time with this game!

If there are any users who are playing Marvel's Avengers, here's a link to the community online friends list! Just post a comment indicating which version you are playing and share your username! Recently, the PS4 group put out a call to see if there were any users interested in an online meetup!

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 Online Meetup Thread (By: @irishfriar212)

Are any of you looking to play Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 online? Don't forget, here's the Giant Bomb community online hookup thread! Just drop a comment with your username and platform of preference!


Goin' BioFast in BioForge: Part 01 - A Speedrun! (By: @turboman)

Godspeed Turboman! Godspeed!
Godspeed Turboman! Godspeed!

Whelp, TurboMan is going to attempt the impossible when it comes to BioForge: they are going to speedrun the game using the "Caravella Method." Hopefully they can make Patrick, Vinny, and Danny O proud!

Creaks: Squwaks and Ladders (By: @jeremyf)

jeremyf returns to blogging on the site with a deep look at Creaks from Amanita Design and how it manages to stand in the crowded indie adventure game field without a radical gameplay "hook."

Dialogue Options Or Why Am I The Only Dishonest One (By: @pezen)

Pezen takes to Giant Bomb to talk about why they love it when video games provide dialogue choices that allow them to be dishonest to other characters. Discover what they mean by that by using the link!

What's the Greatest Video Game: Super Spike V'Ball (By: @imunbeatable80)

I'm always up for witty retorts about the current state of affairs in the art community!
I'm always up for witty retorts about the current state of affairs in the art community!

imunbeatable80 continues to look back at the games of their childhood with a blog about Super Spike V'Ball! See if this game holds up as well as other classic "alternative" sports games like Windjammers or Super Dodge Ball!

ARTificial Intelligence: Automation and Aesthetics in ART SQOOL (By: @gamer_152)

Moderator Gamer_152 gave Art Sqool a shot recently and writes about its exploration of automation, the subjectivity of art, and how every air conditioner has a cat in it. That last point is actually the most important one.

Indie Game of the Week 187: Timespinner +

Mario Nerd Z: A Super Mario 64 Randomizer (By: @mento)

As I say, Mento has the
As I say, Mento has the "right" kind of emulation madness to make your day special.

Once again, you can always count on Mento to whip up some blogs to entertain the masses. First, Mento's latest "Indie Game of the Week" blog is all about Timespinner! Read what they thought of the time manipulation-based Metroidvania game from Lunar Ray Games! Second, Mento continues their quest to beat the Super Mario 64 Randomizer, created by Andre Meyer! read what wonderful "goodies" graced their recent folly using he link below!

Discussions & Threads

Xbox Series S/Series X Has Leaked. Will Be $299 And $499 (By: @colonel_pockets)

Well... this sure is
Well... this sure is "something" to think about!

Predictably, the community is still going CRAZY about the price of the Xbox Series S/Series X! Are you surprised by the $299 asking price? Is it enough to sell you on a console? Join the discussion using the link above!

Paradise Killer Discussion Thread (By: @quantris)

Paradise Killer has turned out to be a bit of a sleep hit, and some members of the community seem to really enjoy it. However, what are your impressions of the first-person open world whodunnit?

Is Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 Good For A Newbie? (By: @skienbaum)

We have a discussion thread on the forums debating if Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 should be someone's first impression of the Tony Hawk series. Share what you think about a user introducing themselves to the franchise with this remaster!

2020 FMV Games? (By: @clagnaught)

Sounds like this game is a ton for fans of Tony Hawk both new and old!
Sounds like this game is a ton for fans of Tony Hawk both new and old!

Here's an interesting discussion on the forums: is FMV in video games making a comeback? Have games like Contradiction, Late Shift, Control, or Her Story shown the effect can be done correctly? Share your two cents worth now!

Good Gaming Channels (Information/Documentation) (By: @tempa777)

What are your favorite YouTube or Patreon gaming documentary channels/accounts? What makes them MUST SEE content providers? Share your favorite picks with the rest of the community

What Will Sony's Response Be? [Poll Included](By: @av_gamer)

Seriously, how is this even up for debate?
Seriously, how is this even up for debate?

There's an interesting discussion thread on Giant Bomb debating what Sony's response will be to the Xbox Series S/X price tag and monthly fee program. What does your gut tell you?

Are They Called "Adds" Or "Ads"? (By: @meatsofevil)

I am legitimately upset this is even up for debate.

We Have The Prices, Will You Go X or S? [Poll Included] (By: @colourful_hippie)

Now that more is known about the two different SKUs, are you leaning more towards the Xbox Series X or S? Here's where the Giant Bomb community currently stands and feel free to vote and discuss your preference!

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake Reveal Trailer Discussion Thread (By: @vaiz)

I'm always down to jam to some Euro-pop BANGERS!
I'm always down to jam to some Euro-pop BANGERS!

The reveal trailer for Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake has hit the internet! A lot of users on the forums are calling it "rough." What do you think of the trailer? Join the community discussion and share your thoughts!

Using A Tablet To Watch Giant Bomb Videos (By: @madlaughter)

Do any of you use a tablet to watch and consume the site's video content or streams? Which tablets do you recommend for watching streams? Share and discuss your picks using the link above!

Some Alex Euro Driving Bangers (By: @deviationer)

I'm going to be honest, I still do not know what this game even is!
I'm going to be honest, I still do not know what this game even is!

Users have been asking for one for a while, but we finally have a community curated "We Be Truckin'!" music playlist! Check out what the community has thus far and feel free to join the effort to preserve every banger heard!

Shenmue Anime Discussion Thread (By: @doerr007)

Alright Giant Bomb community, let's talk about the Shenmue anime! Do you like what you have seen and heard of it so far? Are you feeling its retro anime vibes? Join the discussion and share what you think of the new series!

What's Your Opinion On Ck3? Positives Or Negatives? Any Good Stories? (By: @rramo010)

To everyone playing Crusader Kings III, what are some of the craziest and most interesting storylines or missions you have experienced thus far? Do you have any wild or wacky assassination stories or acts of debauchery to report on?


Obvious pick is obvious.
Obvious pick is obvious.

Sound Check 03 - Filling in the Blanks 1985 to 2009 (By: @infinitespark)

Episode 376 of the "revived" HotSpot inspired InfiniteSpark to create a list of video games with music that is great to chill out and jam to! Give it a read and here are some of the tracks that made the list!

Games With Good Wallrunning (By: @mooseymcman)

MooseyMcMan tried their hand at making a list of games with "good wallrunning." She which games they think made the cut and think about which games would be on your list!

I'm still recovering from Jeff's Friday stream.
I'm still recovering from Jeff's Friday stream.

Pretty Obscure Old Games I'd Love To Try Out (By: @virtualvolt)

Inspired partially by Jeff's Friday stream yesterday, VirtualVolt went ahead and made a list of "obscure games" they desperately want to get their hands on and play! Please consider making a list of your own on the site!

User Reviews

Good to know this game didn't have the game-breaking issues other big inXile releases have had.
Good to know this game didn't have the game-breaking issues other big inXile releases have had.
  • @nateandrews uses their review of Wasteland 3 to share why they think the game has some of the best character progression they have ever seen and an exemplar choice-driven narrative!
  • @danryback's review retrospective on the DragonBall Z 16-bit video games continues with a review of Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden 3! Read why they think it is a disappointing end to a trilogy just starting to find its footing.
  • @danryback continues their review retrospective on old-school anime video games with a look at YuYu Hakusho: Makyou Toitsusen on the Genesis. Read why it's a proto-Smash Bros that kind of works!


Xbox Series X/S

We shall survive Microsoft's terrible naming conventions. This I promise.
We shall survive Microsoft's terrible naming conventions. This I promise.

Attention Giant Bomb community and anyone interested in editing the site's wiki database! The site has decided to "merge" the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S into a single platform page. Feel free to list the differences between the two platforms, but when adding games and releases, treat them as if they are the same platform.