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The Community Spotlight 2020.11.07

November 07, 2020 6 min read

Where's the Bugdom user? I hope you are happy about the new Bugdom emote in chat. (image by @danauer)
Where's the Bugdom user? I hope you are happy about the new Bugdom emote in chat. (image by @danauer)

Alright everyone, I'm going to be brief this week as I wrote this edition of the Community Spotlight while promoting the site's Extra Life 2020 efforts this weekend. Just be aware, for those of you reading this AFTER Extra Life is over that you can still donate to the site's and community member's Extra Life pages until the end of the year, December 31st. Likewise, be aware that a lot of staff members and users will not be able to stream during November 7th and 8th and will need YOUR SUPPORT during the weeks after Extra Life ends! Finally, at the time of this writing, there were still 47 members of Giant Bomb's Extra Life team that still had not received their first donation and were still sitting at $0 raised! Please, from the bottom of my heart, consider donating $1 to $5 to these accounts. You have no idea how much of a morale boosting it can be to get your first donation after hours of streaming. It seriously means a lot. With that aside, let's jump into the housekeeping items from the week!

Extra Life 2020

It's that time of the year again!
It's that time of the year again!
  • Extra Life 2020: The Bombening (By: @rorie) - This is the article that has all of the details about the staff's plans for Extra Life 2020. Give it a read to see who you can expect to see on the main stream/chat!
  • Main Giant Bomb Chat - This is the chat to use if you want to watch staff and friends of the site stream for Giant Bomb's Extra Life event. This will be open all Saturday and Sunday. Also, expect some SURPRISE streams for Extra Life after "Game Day" in the coming weeks!
  • Community Extra Life Chat - This is the chat to use to watch a rotation of Giant Bomb users and community members. Please join this chat to support the great work of your fellow users!
  • ExplosiveRuns.com - This is where you can watch all staff AND community streams in one place! It's a great place to go to if you want to "spice" things up during Extra Life!
  • Extra Life 2020 Stat Tracker - Want to know who is raising how much money for Giant Bomb's Extra Life team this year? Well, the stat tracker is here to save the day!
  • Extra Life 2020: If You're Streaming, Let Me Know! - If you streaming for Extra Life drop a comment here and Rorie and I will see if we can hook you up with some PR.



ASCII Art I Made of the PS3 (by: @monkeyking1969)

MonkeyKing1969 attempted to make the PS3 using ASCII and I think we can all agree that they did an AMAZING JOB! Use the link below to show your support!

Warren - Inspired By the style of Junji Ito (By: @jearum)

Since the animated VTuber version of Warren I shared last week, Warren has seen a new wave of love on the site. jearum took the beloved fighting game character and illustrated them in the style of Juji Ito!

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Community Activities

Have fun with the rest of the community in Apex Legends!
Have fun with the rest of the community in Apex Legends!

Apex Legends Giant Bomb Squad (Club) (By: @lethalki11ler)

If you want to join a community Apex Legends club, here's the link for you! All play styles are welcome! Beginners also welcome! Read the thread and post a comment if you are interested in joining!

GB Apex Legends Meetups! (By: @brackstone)

In light of the addition of clubs, Giant Bomb's community Apex Legends meetup thread has been revived! If you are interested in playing a match with another Giant Bomb user, then this is the thread for you!


Mega Archive: Part XXII: From Batman Returns to Chase H.Q. II +

Indie Game of the Week 195: Wilmot's Warehouse (By: @mento)

What am I even looking at?
What am I even looking at?

First, Mento has some real gems like Batman Returns and Chase H.Q. II on the latest episode of their Sega Genesis/Mega Drive blog series! Also, they are up to their old tricks with a new episode of their "Indie Game of the Week" series! This week, they check out Wilmot's Warehouse!

The Year 2000 Problem: Hypnospace Outlaw and the Internet That Was (By: @gamer_152)

Gamer_152's blog needs to be seen to be believed!
Gamer_152's blog needs to be seen to be believed!

This week, moderator Gamer_152 talks about the internet of old and its kitsch, low-fi, and intimately personal and how that connects to Jay Tholen's Hypnospace Outlaw, a game that lets you log back on one last time.

Giant Bomb Paused: An Art Collection (By: @clagnaught)

After re-watching Giant Bomb's 2014 Halloween UPF, clagnaught felt inspired to look back at their favorite out of context Giant Bomb screencaps! Check out what they have in their art gallery and feel free to join the fun!

Fall 2020 Anime: Season Restarting in The Bubble (By: @dochaus)

Fuck it, let's talk about anime! This week, DocHaus runs down all of the anime they watched during Fall and shares which shows they recommend and which shows they think you should avoid like the plague.

Discussion Threads & Forums

How Challenging Do You Think City Guesser Is? (By: @giantjam23)

Are these games
Are these games "hard" is the big debate of the week!

A handful of users streamed Geo and City Guesser for their Extra Life streams, so, this thread topic cropped up: do you think these guesser games are easy or hard? How would you rank the difficulty of these games?

Apex Legends Clubs Discussion Thread (By: @hiimmikecruz)

Calling all Apex Legends players! What are your impressions of clubs? Have you joined any clubs? What do you hope they add to the system next? Join the community discussion about the new feature using the link above!

What's The Most Bizarre PC Issue You Have Had? (By: @xanadu)

Here's a fun discussion thread for the PC-centric users on the site: what's the weirdest troubleshooting issue you have ever experienced with computer hardware or software?

If A Game Has Epilogue Content When Do You Play It? (By: @bigsocrates)

As the title already suggests, how quickly do you tackle post-game epilogues? How do you react when the story keeps going after the credits? Does this change if the epilogue is sold as DLC?

PlayStation 5 Pre-Order Discussion Thread (By: @supermonkey122)

Calling all PlayStation 5 owners or those trying to become one! How have your experiences been with Amazon's PS5 pre-orders? Has you order been delayed, or will it ship on-time?


Characters Who Did Nothing Wrong (By: @alfred_vincent_svent)

I cannot emphasize enough, Jan forcing people to watch him play Bugdom was a
I cannot emphasize enough, Jan forcing people to watch him play Bugdom was a "good time."

Alfred_Vincent_Svent just published an AMAZING list on Giant Bomb annotating video game "villains" they think "did nothing wrong." Give it a read and here's the tip of the iceberg. Also, SPOILERS!

Those That Could Survive a Alien or Demon Invasion (By: @jdtii)

JDTII tried their hand at making a list of video game characters they think "Could Survive a Alien or Demon Invasion" on the site! Give it a read and maybe think about make a list of your own!

User Reviews

To this day, I still have a love/hate relationship in how Supergiant Games' stuff controls.
To this day, I still have a love/hate relationship in how Supergiant Games' stuff controls.
  • @addfwyn's Hades review discusses why they think it is "a masterpiece in what roguelites are and still can be." Give it a read and see why they they fell in love with the game!
  • @addfwyn's The Last of Us Part II review shares why they enjoyed the game overall but still feel like it is an "Unneeded Sequel."