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The Crew 2 has such great goof-off potential

June 01, 2018 1 min read

While playing the new beta for The Crew 2, I transformed my monster-truck Mustang GT into a plane, flew to the top of a snow-capped mountain, then morphed into a speedboat and slid all the way down.

Why? Well, why not? There's no shortage of pre-baked races, activities, and photo challenges, but half the fun of The Crew 2 is simply messing around in an open-world, miniaturized, game-ified United States of America. That was true of the original game and it's even more true in this sequel.

When I first played The Crew 2last year for a scant 15 minutes at E3, I called it "a do-over in the best possible way." After putting in a few hours with this weekend's beta, I stand by that sentiment.

The original was flawed but had promise, and it only got better over time. The more you played, the more gear you earned for your vehicles, and the better they felt to drive. Problem is, a ton of folks never reached that point (and also missed the excellent Wild Runexpansion). I don't blame 'em.

The Crew 2 has such great goof-off potential screenshot