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The Crew 2 touches down in March 2018

August 22, 2017 1 min read

By the time The Crew 2releases on March 16, 2018, I'll be ready to dig into another open-world racer. I spent a stupid amount of time screwing around the scaled-down USA and grinding up my stats in The Crew, and even though the sequel will have the same general setting, it has some new tricks. Namely, its on-the-fly vehicle switching that lets you swap between a car, boat, or plane at any time.

Ubisoft has also confirmed a few more "disciplines" for the game. We're now looking at street racing, powerboat racing, aerobatics, jetsprint, rally raid, drift, single-seater, and motocross.

Leading up to launch, there will be a beta, which you can sign up for here (still no word on an exact date). Until then, The Crewplayers can work to earn rewards in the sequel by completing challenges.

The Crew 2 touches down in March 2018 screenshot