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The Culling 2 is out tomorrow and fans are not amused

July 09, 2018 1 min read

Xaviant wrapped up its "deadly game show" battle royale The Cullinglast year, pushing the game through Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview in October. The studio then announced its shift to a new project in December 2017. That game? A sequel. We're already getting The Culling 2.

Here's how the studio describes The Culling 2:

"Cullcast Productions and everybody's favorite host CHAS formally invite you to our biggest event yet! We've pumped up the brutality, expanded the battlefield, crammed in an arsenal of new firepower and dropped in just the right amount of fresh meat competition to make The Culling 2 the most thrilling moment-to-moment action available on your planet of choice!

The Culling 2 is Battle Royale distilled, refined and designed from the ground up for consoles and PC. Get the full, authentic, Battle Royale experience regardless of hardware or controller type as you join a group of 50 players in a fight for sport, glory, and for the entertainment of our home audience."

Fans of the original are less than enthused about the sequel. The Cullinggot off to a decent start in March 2016, but things went downhill from there. As director of operations Josh Van Veld recently told PC Gamer, "We did dozens of patches and content updates after that, but we never saw our sales or player numbers return after the initial boom died down. To be honest, apart from a passionate core audience, the majority of PC players haven't seen or thought about The Culling in two years."

The Culling 2 is out tomorrow and fans are not amused screenshot