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The Dark Universe films, revisited (Fauxclusive)

October 31, 2018 1 min read

There was a time during our collective naivete where we all guffawed at the very idea of the Dark Universe—nearly a decade later and with several films in the bank, the fruits of Universal's labors have produced a very different result. The Marvel Cinematic Universe was once thought to be the pinnacle of the shared universe, the mega-franchise, the series-of-series, but the Dark Universe swooped in and gave us iconic characters like Nick Morton, the Invisible Man, and multiple performances from Russell Crowe as Dr. Jekyll of Prodigium that even Samuel L. Jackson and his dumb eyepatch couldn't hold a candle to.

Everyone remembers the chills they felt when they first saw the Dark Universe logo on the big screen: after the traditional Universal logo came from the right side of the screen, the studio completely subverted expectations when the Dark Universe logo came from the left. And to think that this ambitious muti-film project all started with a humble, lavish photoshoot with a bunch of rich, famous actors.

In celebration of this spooky Halloween season, in which we're all reminded of the scary monsters so well-depicted in these truly classic films, let's talk about each celebrated entry of the Dark Universe.

The Dark Universe films, revisited (Fauxclusive) screenshot