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The devastating Earthquake returns in Samurai Shodown

June 21, 2019 1 min read

SNK are currently challenging Atlus for the "most character trailers, in the shortest time, for a single game" award. But today is a little different. While most of the Samurai Shodown trailers to date have depicted stoic samurai or stealthy ninjas, this latest offering is the mammoth monstrosity, Earthquake.

Every fight needs a chonk, an Samurai Shodown's Earthquake was perhaps the chonkiest. Gargantuan in size compared to other fighters, Earthquake is the series slowest, but perhaps most devastating warrior. Like his fellow Texan Galford, Earthquake travelled to Japan after training in the martial arts. But quite unlike Galford, Earthquake is out for himself, quickly establishing a gang of ruthless bandits and ruining roughshod across Japan for gold and glory.

The devastating Earthquake returns in Samurai Shodown screenshot