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The Epic Games Store has wishlists now

March 10, 2020 1 min read

High atop many people's wishlist for Epic Games Store features is, well, a wishlist. Aggregating games that interest you is a Steam staple, and a lot of folks have been aggravated that they can't do the same on Epic. Until now.

Today, the Epic Games Store received wishlist functionality. It'll start bare bones. Right now, it's just a big old list of games you might eventually want to buy. It serves its purpose in the simplest sense.

Epic plans to iterate over time. First, there will be filtering and smart searching for items within the wishlist. Further down the road, Epic will introduce email options whenever wishlisted games are on sale or ready to pre-order. Baby steps for now.

Wishlists are here! [Epic Games]

The Epic Games Store has wishlists now screenshot