The final Kirby Star Allies update is out, and it's a big one

December 03, 2018 1 min read

Kirby Star Allies has brought my house a lot of joy these past nine months or so, and even though HAL Laboratory has announced the end of any further updates, I'll continue to play it for years to come. At launch I really enjoyed Star Allies but it's basically become the de facto "Kirby All-Stars" game; packing in characters from every single generation in a way that wasn't possible in the past due to the lengthy existence of the series. And it's going out with a bang.

In addition to Susie, Teranza, Magolor and the Three Mage-Sisters, the recent Wave 3 update also provided a new mode: Heroes in Another Dimension, which you need to clear the campaign to access. It's basically another set of levels with Friend Hearts to collect, alongside a gimmick where Kirby plays as every Dream Friend (read: DLC) released so far.

It's a fitting way to wrap up the game and provide people with a way to essentially demo all of the content HAL has added post-launch for free. Goodnight, sweet fluff prince (not to be confused with Epic Yarn's Prince Fluff).

The final Kirby Star Allies update is out, and it's a big one screenshot