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The first Xbox One X pre-order is up right now

August 20, 2017 1 min read

Fresh off the reveal of the Project Scorpio edition Xbox One X at gamescom, pre-orders have gone live at major retailers (Amazon and Microsoft Store are two of them). Chances are they won't last long. Microsoft has told us that quantities are limited and it's gone once supplies run out.

The Project Scorpio edition isn't being sold at a premium of any sort; it carries the same $500 price tag that the normal version does. This is just a cheeky nod at a cool codename and the first opportunity to actually secure the new Xbox.

It's certainly not the last opportunity, though. Microsoft has confirmed to us that this pre-order round is only for the Project Scorpio edition. A representative said that Microsoft "will have more to share about additional pre-orders soon."

Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition 1TB Console [Amazon]

The first Xbox One X pre-order is up right now screenshot