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The Flame Con Adventures of Flixist Chris

August 25, 2018 1 min read

During my weekend at Flame Con, everyone around me was creative and intelligent—not to mention, queer. Organized by Geeks OUT, the "largest queer comic con" gathered artists, writers, creatives, fans, and gamers to network, share their art, and discuss queer-related issues in the media that we love to watch and read.

I'm somewhat of a convention novice—my experience includes going to TooManyGames in high school, and some sort of Walking Dead convention two years ago, where I couldn't even muster up the moxie to talk to Grand Theft Auto's Steven Ogg at his table. Flame Con 2018 was by far the largest convention I have been to yet, my first as a member of the press, and my first with a new sense of self-confidence.

And boy, was it exhausting and overwhelming.

The Flame Con Adventures of Flixist Chris screenshot