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The Game Awards 2018 promises the show's biggest slate of news yet

November 09, 2018 2 min read

We're approaching the end of the year, but gaming news isn't slowing down yet.

Nintendo continues to hold regularly scheduled Direct presentations. We just had a particularly eventful BlizzCon showing last week. There's no PlayStation Experience this year, but tomorrow's X018 showcase from Microsoft and next month's The Game Awards led by Geoff Keighley will fill the void.

While the latter event is first and foremost an awards show, many of us tune in primarily for video game news (and the chance to goof off and bond over the course of hundreds upon hundreds of comments). On that front, this year will be especially fruitful. Keighley, who organizes and hosts the annual Game Awards, says to expect "our biggest lineup yet in terms of new game announcements."

Keighley elaborated in an interview with GamesBeat. "This year there was quite a runoff, with a lot of games that wanted slots to be part of the show and share new content," he said. "Another thing you'll see this year β€” yes, we have new game announcements, but we also have a lot of ongoing games."

"People keep playing games as services, and they'll have updates around new content and features that may get revealed at the show," he continued. "Maybe it's not a new game announcement, but it's something that will matter to a massive player base around the world. That's new and evolving. Last year, with PUBG, we announced Miramar, their second map. We revealed that at the show. That was a big moment. I think you'll see more of that kind of thing with a lot of different games this year."

Oh, and as for game designer Hideo Kojima, "He's always there in some form."

The Game Awards 2018 will be live-streamed out of Los Angeles on December 6.

Geoff Keighley [Twitter]

The Game Awards 2018 promises the show's biggest slate of news yet screenshot